Surfboard or Botox. What Really Keep You Looking Young?

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” Forget about Botox and face lifts! The best way to appear youthful is to feel youthful.

Pack up your lethargy, fatigue and weariness. Put them in the suitcase with your bikini and sunscreen. When your surfing vacation is over, the bikini will probably be faded. You, however, will be looking and feeling years younger. Your fatigue will be a thing of the past. You will have a spring in your step and a zest for life that you had thought long gone.

Pack away those “old lady” hobbies. Unearth your bikini, sunscreen and surf wax. Join a sporting craze that unites everyone of all age groups, from tiny children to the elderly.

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Create safe surfing habits in your children by using surfing books

Surfing is emerging as a popular outdoor sport among children. They love the feel of riding the water waves and the cool sea breeze running thru their hair. Therefore parents must gift their children the surfing books, which are specially written and designed for them.

These children books are specially written in a language which can be comprehended easily by young surfers. The sentences are short and crisp and written in a simple yet effective language. The use of pictures makes it more interesting for young minds to concentrate and retain what they are learning. This is an effective way to impart the basic safety knowledge about ocean surfing to children, for whom the ocean is a fun place but they are unaware of the fact that it can get really dangerous in the ocean. One of the main reasons why such surfing books are very popular is the fact that all the information is presented in the form of a story. These stories capture the imagination of children and they get to learn safety tips and surfing techniques in a way that is of interest to them.

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Second Hand Surfboard – a Buyers Guide

Buying second hand surfboards is by far the cheapest way to get into the sport or indeed expand your collection. There is a wealth of great gear around but some key precautions to take also.

Second-hand surfboard

The condition of a second hand surfboard is very important to its performance and life-span. Although the majority of problems can be fixed, it is imperative that care is taken when buying a used board, so as not to get lumbered with one that will cost more to repair than it would have cost to buy new.

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HD: Super Slo-mo Surfer! – South Pacific – BBC Two

About the programme: HD super slow motion video of big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel – the first shots of their kind ever recorded. … Monster Waves Wave Vortice Vortices Barrel Surf Surfing Sick wave Ponape Pohnpei Super Slow Motion slo mo Slo HD High definition BBC South Pacific Oceans of Islands Bali Strickland Rudi Diesel Dylan Longbottom Huw Cordey big

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The Kitesurfing Experience

Kitesurfing is a relatively new sport. It is derived from surfing and it uses the power of wind to pull the rider. New and innovative kites have been developed recently, so the safety of this sport has increased considerably. The design of the kite is extremely important for both safety and a great ride. However, if the wind is not good, then the kite, the board or the rider’s experience makes little difference. Choosing the right place to kitesurf is very important. Kiteboarding Koh Phangan / Koh Samui are the best available options for any kitesurfing enthusiast.

Thailand is a country with great beaches, lovely people and especially great weather for kitesurfing. The nice and steady breeze of Thailand beaches, the beautiful coconut trees and warm, sandy beaches make this place perfect for experiences the thrill of kitesurfing. Kitesurfing Thailand turns even an amateur into a pro.

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